Friday, August 6, 2010


It is a commonly accepted fact that where there is smoke, there is fire. I believe that is the case surrounding the recent swap of 10 Russian spies for 4 individuals who were convicted of spying for western governments. It is normal for little or few details to be released about events of this nature, but in this case there is even less elaboration. I smell smoke, but where is the fire?

It is your Commander’s opinion that it will be many years or even decades before the full story unfolds about this case. Someone will eventually leak some details, and then academics or retired government officials from either side will eventually tell the full story probably with a lucrative book deal. There certainly is a bigger story to be told, and it should be released in full detail.

All too frequently the American public is kept in the dark about the inner workings of our government by politicians who are afraid that their true motivations will become public knowledge. Sometimes it is likely in our collective best interests that we do not know, however, I firmly believe that should be the case very infrequently.

I know, too, that some of my readers will say, “There he goes again piling on poor misunderstood Obama,” but for an Administration that promised TRANSPARENCY this one seems very fishy. The deal was done too quickly for my smell-meter. This deal stinks to your Commander, but the true story will probably take years to reveal itself.

I pray I am wrong with my suspicions, but I have a pretty good batting average on things of this nature. I not only smell a rat, but I smell smoke. That said I hope the fire that will likely ensue can be contained without harm to our country or its people


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