Monday, August 16, 2010


Browsing the internet recently I ran across a very interesting poll that asked the question, “Do you support Arizona’s new law on illegal immigration?” That question has been on the mind of many individuals lately, and the question was being posed by MSNBC and U.S. News & World Report.

Recognizing that viewing levels for MSNBC are relatively low, my first reaction was that the poll would have few responses. WRONG! I am totally shocked to report that the total responses represented a staggering 3,277,480 votes. I wonder how many times some individuals voted, because MSNBC normally falls to the bottom of the pack in the news channel rating department.

Anyway, the Yes votes represented 3,145,178 or 96% and the No votes indicated only 132,282 votes or a sad 4%.

Based upon several other polls I have seen I believe the Yes votes may include some Chicago-style double voting, but the overwhelming positive support is substantiated in every other poll I have read. That being the case, how in God’s name can the White House continue to voice such a strident position against the Arizona legislation?

The more relevant question that MSNBC should have asked was, “Do you want the U.S. Border secured before you want comprehensive immigration legislation?” Every article and every talking-head outside the White House, including the Democrat Party hacks, clearly indicate that an overwhelming percentage of Americans (including a significant number of Hispanics) want Border Security first.

Thus the actions emanating from the Oval Office clearly exposes their under-lying motivation is purely politically based to secure the maximum number of Hispanic votes, legal and illegal, in hopes of retaining elected office. This is another nail in the coffin of TRANSPARENCY and exposes the desperation these political charlatans will go to survive. How dare this Administration play politics with the security of this great country!

Pat Coddell, noted ex-Democrat Party pollster, has recently said that the White House legal challenge to the Arizona law is political suicide. Now the federal court has gone against the will of the people and I suspect the liberal 9th Circuit Court will uphold the lower Court’s decision, and the matter will ultimately move to the Supreme Court.

Liberal voices continue to thumb their noses at the will of the people, and I pray that their lack of appropriate action does not permit another tragic terrorist event to occur. The recently passed Border Security Bill was just another expensive window dressing that does not guarantee a secure border. It represents an expensive placation of the Latino voting block.

With every passing day that our borders (north and south) remain porous, the danger escalates at an alarming rate for the forces of evil to strike within the United States. How can our President and Congress continue to play Russian-roulette with our security? Speak up America or hold your peace under the thumb of creeping socialism.


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