Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It grieves your Commander to suggest that you read anything in the New York Times, because it is so liberal in its view-point, but occasionally I think it hits the mark with an opinion piece or editorial. That said, I think the Editorial this past Sunday (8/1/) is correct. See I can be objective, but sometimes it is darn hard.

The point of the Editorial directly addresses one of the questions that I brought forward in my commentary immediately below titled “Two Pressing Questions.” How can we reduce the deficit? Take a look at the Editorial:


It is tough for this Conservative Constitutionalist to agree with the liberal New York Times, but we ultimately must face the fact that a sufficient number of our fellow citizens are not paying their fair share of the tax burden. Regretfully tax increases will be necessary, but we cannot continue to have 50% of our citizens paying absolutely nothing of the tax burden.

I totally agree that it is fair and appropriate to address reducing the entitlement programs that are all too frequently just political pay-offs and are frequently illegally abused.

One issue not addressed, however, is the massive waste that exists across all government programs, especially in the Defense Department. There are far too many redundancies and inefficiencies. Anyone who has served in the military knows that to be a fact. Cut the waste and corruption, and the tax increases could be significantly less severe.

Just one man’s opinion, but a suggestion for a starting point is an objective non-political addressing of this devastating financial cancer to the American Way of Life.


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