Sunday, August 22, 2010


Your Commander has frequently written relative to the short-comings confronting the minority communities of this country. I want to go on the record to applaud a recent article penned by New York Times columnist Bob Herbert. I strongly suggest that you read his comments for yourself at:

There is not one comment rendered by Herbert that I do not agree with and endorse. For far too long our society has chosen to ignore obvious problems in minority communities. In turn anger, frustration, and self-interests are often directed against their own neighbors. Gangs, crime, lack of solid education, dependability on welfare, lack of employment opportunities, drugs, grandmothers raising their grandchildren born out of wedlock, homes without a father figure for generations are issues that go ignored, especially by the minority communities themselves.

Tragically, far too few individuals who desperately need to hear Herbert’s rational message will not even see his article and an embarrassing number couldn’t read it if it was put in front of them. This message needs to be circulated into every home, school, church and social gathering place in our country.

Politicians have got to stop throwing money indiscriminately at this mega-social problem, and immediately start acting responsibly to enhance accountability for all concerned parties.


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