Saturday, August 28, 2010


Much has been written about the sudden retirement of Chicago Cubs skipper Lou Piniella by both baseball experts and fans across the country. Certainly Lou will be a respected member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible in five years. That is an honor that he deserves and has earned based upon his many accomplishments as both a player and manager.

Being simply a fan, I am not qualified to render any definitive judgments about his accomplishments as a manager of the Chicago Cubs, but he has earned support and praise for his many on-field contributions. I respect the fact that Lou cried on his retirement day, because I remember doing the same thing on my last day of work. Lou’s life, like mine, will never be the same after announcing the long dreaded retirement decision.

Fortunately for me it was the best decision I ever made, and God has been most generous to me in my retirement years. I pray that He is equally generous to Lou and his family, especially his aging mother. Lou has a distinction few others can claim. He won the World Series Championship as both a player (NY Yankees), and manager (Cincinnati Reds). Those accomplishments are most unique and, I’m sure, personally rewarding.

As Lou was quoted, “It’s a good day to remember, and also it’s a good day to forget.” Too bad the Chicago Cubs could not give Lou a good win on his last day. Unfortunately they fell 16-5 to the Atlanta Braves on his last day in uniform in Wrigley Field.

Thanks, Lou. Enjoy your well earned retirement and I am looking forward to hearing the announcement that you will be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in five short years.


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