Friday, August 20, 2010


With each passing day I am amazed to hear the utterances coming from supposedly intelligent experienced political leaders.

When President Obama spoke before a White House dinner honoring the observance of the Muslim holiday, Ramadan, I was supportive of his statement that was totally articulated in our precious Constitution. Religious freedom is a vital part of the American success story, and we should support that crucial portion of our founding documents.

While I believe it is inappropriate to build a mosque so close to the 9/11 terrorist attack site, Muslims have the right to have a place of worship. The proposed site is insensitive to the feelings of the families of those who were killed, the many who suffer long-term injury, and Americans not of the Muslim faith. It is not a wise decision to build at that location just because they have a legal right to do so.

I think this issue is so emotionally polarizing the conflict should have been avoided by all concerned parties. When President Obama learned of the reaction to his initial statement he elected to run for political cover with his unbelievable claim that he was not taking a position on the building of the mosque at the proposed site. I do not believe that for one minute and that is the reason our fellow citizens are confused, disgusted, and emotionally conflicted.

Recently I heard Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board make a statement on television that is crystal clear for me. While discussing the Blagojevich trial results he expressed his opinion about the feelings of the American public by saying, “The people feel that our government rewards vice, and punishes virtue.” That is a sad endorsement of our government and it is directly reflected in the low poll numbers for Obama and Congress.

Many recent statements and positions recently rendered by Obama just fuel the fires of those who suspect that he was not born in the United States or that he is in fact a Muslim. I do not really know the answer, but I do wonder why Obama and his handlers fuel those fires when they work so hard to prevent access to his private papers and documents. Clearly he is supportive, and sympatric to Muslim interests, and speaks apologetically for past actions by our country.

Your Commander has a growing discomfort toward the affairs of our State, because I feel my leader continues to put his finger directly in my eye time and time again when he dares me to doubt his intensions. When my president reminds me in every speech he makes that he is the President, the Commander in Chief, he is arrogantly telling me and my fellow citizens “I got the job and I can do anything I want, because I know more than you.”

No you are not, Mr. President, and no you cannot.

Leadership should not be arrogant it should be inspirational.


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