Thursday, August 12, 2010


Within the past year I have written extensively about the corruption that exists across our country in all forms of government. Specifically, I have authored articles about the vast corruption that flourishes in Chicago politics and the State of Illinois government’s various departments. At that time I saluted the outstanding investigative reporting that has taken place repeatedly by the struggling Chicago Sun-Times, and a recent example of that can be found in a very important article titled, “151 Metra workers get more than $100,000.” (Metra is the passenger rail service serving Chicago)

Take a look at this distressing article by Cris Fusco, Mary Wisniewski, and Art Golab Staff Reporters, and the Better Government Association:,CST-NWS-watchdogs11.article

As I have written in other commentaries the truth always comes out, sometimes sooner than later, but it eventually spills out into the public arena. Now we know why the Metra Executive Director Phillip Pagano suddenly committed suicide by jumping in front of a Metra train. He was about to be confronted and he could not face the consequences, so he took the cowardly way out rather than face the music.

My point in addressing this abuse of public dollars is simply that this criminality is pervasive across the country and in all segments of our government whether it is federal, state or local. Just consider the taxpayer’s dollars that are being absconded by government officials, and the wasteful excessive spending of government itself.

I do not believe there is an accountant in the country that could come up with an accurate figure for the total dollars corruption and waste being stolen from the American taxpayers. If we could determine that exact dollar amount, I suggest that our total national economic debt could be very manageable, and it could actually not be a deficit, but a positive balance.

Just consider all the money being stolen by totally off the wall union pensions being paid to government pensioners as one example. Some retired snowplow drivers in Chicago make over $150,000 per year!

All the criminals are not in our jails, because we have permitted some to be running our various government offices. We have no one to blame but ourselves, and the truth of the matter is that some of us are “on the take” also, so it is doubtful that the situation will ever change. If you were making $150,000 per year in your retirement check what would you do about it?

So in the meantime just take your check book out, and keep writing those inflated tax checks to the crooks and fellow citizens who are stealing your hard earned money every single day of the year.


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