Tuesday, August 3, 2010


There are two specific questions on many lips these days, but nobody asks them directly of our President or members of Congress. I am certain that these same two questions have crossed your mind on several occasions, and I suspect that you have a similar concern about the answers.

1. How can the President and the Congress continue to ignore the huge majority of the American people who disagree with the judge’s ruling against the Arizona immigration law?

In my local newspaper this morning the poll reported that 80% of the respondents disagree with the judge’s ruling, but the Administration and Congress continue to ignore border security and indicate they intend to move forward with amnesty for those illegal immigrants currently within the United States. How can our government continue to ignore the people’s overwhelming desires?

2. How does the government intend to reduce the massive financial obligation now confronting our Treasury?

We have daily press conferences emanating from the White House Press Secretary and with members of Congress, but nobody ever asks or answers the huge debt question. Knowing that this is a politically sensitive question, someone must confront the question head-on and insist upon a specific answer.

Everyone is dancing around these two pressing questions, but what really concerns me is that nobody is asking or demanding an answer to these critical problems. Does our government dare ignore the clear desires of the electorate and shove their apparent self-serving agenda forward?

Obviously we should be far beyond who and what caused these problems, and get aggressive in solving these issues ASAP. To do nothing is to further acerbate the problems and bring forth disastrous conclusions. Haste makes waste, but inaction brings chaos.


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