Monday, August 2, 2010


South Florida is once again the location for Carl Hiaasen’s best-selling, hilarious STAR ISLAND. I know of few authors who are as talented as Hiaasen in presenting a cast of outlandish characters that roam the streets and glades of the southern part of Florida.

Having lived on Key Biscayne for four bazaar years, I can vouch for the fact that many crazy characters are attracted to the sun, fun, and beaches, especially when the weather gets cold up north. In addition to living on the Key, my office was located there, and the biggest decision most local residents had was who they were having drinks with at cocktail hour. The weather and the cast of weirdoes provided a difficult atmosphere where business was concerned.

So far, I have read every book Hiaasen has written over his very successful career, and I assure you that STAR ISLAND is one of his very best efforts. Hiaasen is not for everyone, but I assure you that when you’re reading his books there will be several times when you find yourself laughing out loud. Among the strangest of his cast of misfits, I am happy to report that the unhinged ex-Florida Governor happily returns in his role as Skink, and even briefly abandons his home deep in the Everglade mangrove swamp.

I promise you that once you start reading, you will not be able to put down STAR ISLAND. It took only two sessions for me to complete this totally amusing, enjoyable, wild, wacky read.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

You are quite right about Star Island Commander. I was disappointed with it ended! I wanted to keep reading more of the goofy adventure! Just have to get the next one from Hiaasen!