Thursday, July 1, 2010


Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to overly-paid professional athletes. Whether it is a new sex scandal, a physical altercation, DUI, or even the latest temper tantrum perpetrated by another spoiled punk, the polish that once glowed on professional sports continues to be smudged.

At one time professional athletes were looked up to by innocent young admirers, and even their fawning adult supporters. Even as the ticket prices climbed out of any reasonable amount, we sports fans kept coming back for more and more abuse. I suggest that the professional athletes have gone too far lately, and it is time to start teaching all of them an impressive lasting lesson.

We have lived through loaded bats, drugs, cheating, sex scandals, and steroids and human growth hormones, and during all this time the player’s unions and management have coddled these spoiled over-paid so-called professionals because they made the players and owners one hell of a lot of money.

The latest public blow-up by Chicago Cub pitcher Carlos Zambrano is in my opinion the last straw. The Cubs were correct in suspending this over-emotional punk, but they must go farther. Zambrano should be tossed off the team and out of baseball. I cannot believe that a major corporation would sign a contract covering over $91.5 million, and not have a clause included that permitted it to toss him out for his off the wall conduct.

Your Commander cannot imagine that the Players Union will support this episode, but wonders will never cease. Zambrano is a petulant lad in great need of professional assistance. He is an embarrassment to professional sports, baseball and the Cubs. If the team cannot act, then the Commissioner of Baseball should have the back-bone and ability to ban this clown, but I suspect that will never happen. The outcome will be that the lawyer’s will make a killing, and the baseball fans will get screwed again. Oh, and yes the Cubs will try again next year to field a winning team.

Only in America can a horse’s ass like Zambrano thrive, because we collectively no longer have any sense of morals or values.


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