Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Knowing how much I enjoy reading, my children and grand-children often send gift cards to Barnes and Noble on special occasions. Recently I stopped by our expanded and recently relocated Barnes and Noble site and picked up several interesting books.

Already I have completed two action adventure shoot-em-ups. Anything written by Jack Higgins is of interest to me and ROUGH JUSTICE is certainly no exception. As I read along I noted several characters from previous Higgins offerings and began to note some familiar incidents, but I kept telling myself that they were only similar. It was not until the last chapter that it finally sank into my decaying brain that I had read the book some time ago. Actually I enjoyed the book more the second time and I am looking forward to reading additional really new offerings from Higgins.

Then I started into Brad Thor’s FOREIGN INFLUENCE and I questioned myself if I had actually read this one, too. Fortunately this is a new effort, and I am glad to report that Thor is at the top of his game again when it comes to looking into the best interests of America in his novels. He hates the bad guys and does anything and everything possible to protect our flag across the world.

Several characters return in FOREIGN INFLUENCE, but their new adventures are even more involved and unique. Thor is one of the best adventure writers on the horizon today.


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