Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When they get around to writing current events in the history of the U.S.A. some fifty years or so from now, I wonder what one word will surface that best defines our country during the early years of the 21st Century. Hopefully the country will have somehow survived the Obama revisionist movement, and the assaults upon the Constitution, but that will be for the future to tell.

During the past week I have read several very interesting articles that shed some light on the title above. In The Chicago Tribune there was an article by Katherine Skiba that surprised me by revealing the fact that the Obama administration has spent about $20 million dollars of the Stimulus Act funds on green highway signs of self-congratulations. At a production cost of a minimum of $300 each and a minimum of $300 to install them it ends up representing about 3% of the total legislative expense. Obviously, $20 million is considered an insignificant sum in Washington.

Apparently only eight States installed the signs, and when the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board was questioned about the expense, the answer was, “I don’t have any idea, nor does the board, on how much has been spent.” White House mouth-piece Robert Gibbs maintained the tab for signage is about three cents on every $100 spent on the recovery.

Does the word HUBRIS come to mind?

Popular conservative columnist George F. Will ran a very poignant article in recently in The Washington Post titled “The high price of American hubris”, which you can easily find on the internet. Charles Krauthammer wrote in the same paper warning America not to take the Obama Administration for granted in his article titled “Obama’s next act”, which is also worth your effort to read.

These writings bring me to suggest that historians will contend that during this time the one word that best describes the American scene is HUBRIS. That applies to our government, leadership, and citizens. This is a scary and tragic scenario, but oh so true. Just look around and tell me if I have not hit the nail on the head.


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