Monday, July 26, 2010


Assuming that my public school education in mathematics is correct there are only 100 days before our next General Election on November 2, 2010. With that in mind, I am of the opinion that the current predictions that the Republican Party will sweep or dominate the coming election may be very premature.

The 24 hour news channels have all those talking heads that spiel either the Republican or Democrat lines of double talk. The Republicans repeatedly cannot get their act solidified without another commission of “foot in the mouth” reducing the chances of their possible election victory. Some loud voices contend that there is plenty of time before the 2012 election for the Republicans to rally behind a strong presidential candidate, but I suggest that they better get their act together quickly. While the Congressional election is coming up shortly, there must be a strong, attractive candidate to lead the Republican ticket stepping forward soon. Remember how early Obama announced his candidacy?

Your Commander suggests that the Democrat Party has been very successful in dividing and conquering the Republican Party thus far, which is an old Chicago-style political ploy. Remember, too, that the Chicago political machine is behind this current administration so you must expect this election to be down and dirty. The race-card and fear are already evident in the Democrat Party play-book.

The fact that the Democrat Party continues to hold minority voters in their pocket is mystifying, because after fifty years of legislation favoring blacks and Hispanics their plight is still sub-standard. Why do they continue to support a party that continues to hold them in bondage with repeated failed initiatives?

Who are the prominent candidates to lead the Republican Party come this November? I do not believe that Sarah Palin (Momma Grizzly) is viable, although she does voice words that are well-received by a decent size audience. I think she is capable of solidifying the Republican base and a better choice as the head of the Republican Party replacing Chairman Michael Steele.

The Tea Party movement is strong, influential, and effective, but without a leader of its own, it cannot be a source for a candidate for election. It is, however, a force to be effectively used. There is a great article by Peggy Noonan in a recent Wall Street Journal that is worth your time and effort, which you can read at:

There are other voices out there with a following such as Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour, Bobby Jindal, and Rudy Giuliani. There are other individuals, but their current viability is questionable. The one that I suggest who has the best chance to be our next President is Mitt Romney, but he carries substantial baggage that must be nullified if he has any real chance of victory. Let me suggest that you read a very interesting article he wrote for The Washington Post.

The fact that Romney is a Mormon is considered a stopping point, but if we can elect a black man with no leadership experience, and if we can elect a Catholic (JFK), we certainly should be rational enough to elect an ex-Governor who has acknowledged successful experience as a business leader. With jobs being one of our major problems, and getting America back to work an essential issue to settle our unsustainable nation debt I believe he is currently the best candidate. Romney carries himself well, and exhibits a tone that has leadership written all over him.

Looking down, the road I believe an individual like the new Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie could be a hot candidate if his actions in cleaning up New Jersey bear fruit. He talks the talk and walks the walk that many people could get behind. Senator Ted Kennedy’s replacement Senator Scott Brown is an attractive candidate, but may turnout to be an opportunist and not a real Republican conservative.

President Obama and many on the White House Staff lack any experience in the Executive ranks, and it is showing with the repeated failures of his Administration. His crisis management is obviously lacking, and is creating a growing dissatisfaction with the electorate. One must wonder just how long the electorate will continue to support an Administration that continues to stuff down the throats of the public legislation they do not endorse. Just look at the President’s plunging poll numbers.

Unless the Republican Party gets its act together quite soon they will not achieve their anticipated goals come this November, and our precious democratic form of government will be doomed to further socialization.

Currently we have a leader who was supposedly an authority on Constitutional Law, but what we elected was an individual with a devious agenda that has proven to subvert our founding documents. Time is running out to save our way of life, and the clock is ticking away every single day. It is 100 days, and counting.


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