Thursday, July 22, 2010


Frequently when I am sitting at my computer crafting commentaries for my blog I also have the television droning away in the background. July 15th was no exception, but I was drawn away from the computer when I heard another boring, almost incoherent rant by that loud mouth Shepard Smith on Fox News.

Yes, I know that some of you will tell me that I deserve to be upset just because I was viewing Fox News. Guilty as charged, but that rant was totally different from some of the disturbing things I hear on television lately. This time I stopped what I was doing and sent an email directly to Fox News in New York City venting my spleen, which reduced my elevated blood pressure immediately.

That day Shepard Smith went ballistic when he received a BREAKING NEWS alert from his in-house producer advising him of the fact that BP had stopped the flow of oil leaking from its well-head. Smith started yelling to the point that I could almost not understand anything he was saying, but I finally established the point that he did not trust BP and BP should be shut-down because they are the evil empire for all things bad in the world. How about celebrating the event, and report the news in a professional unemotional way? Regretably Shepard Smith cannot do that, because he is one of those egotistical clowns that permeate journalism today.

In my email to Fox News I noted the fact that Smith should take into consideration that if BP is shut-down, how could the citizens of
the Gulf Coast get their bills paid or the beach fronts cleaned. Without a profitable BP the bill will go the federal government and we all will be paying a greater tax bill to save the economic difficulties beset on the area for years to come.

Smith in my opinion is the true definition of hubris. If Smith had one ounce of sense he would get his facts together before shooting off his trap. Being one of the big “Mouths of the South,” Smith is one of the poorest examples eminating from the University of Mississippi educational system. Fox News would do well to put a muzzle on that sweet thing once and for all time, and make some effort to return to professional, factual journalism.

Ok! I know that I lost my cool, but I’m glad I sent the email. I strongly suggest that when you get uptight about something that you should write a nice letter. It is very therapeutic

FYI – I am not holding my breath waiting for any letter from Smith, and I am smart enough to suspect my email will end up in some entry-level worker-bee’s wastepaper receptacle.


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