Thursday, July 1, 2010


At the earliest possible date your Commander urges all of his readers to contact their two United States Senators and their Representative in the House of Representatives suggesting they act NOW on the two following issues:

1. Exercise all possible authority to see that the United States’ southern and northern borders are totally secured before comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

2. Exert all appropriate action to curtail, and reduce federal spending that will reduce our budget deficit.

Please do not permit your attention to be confined to the appropriate uproar that surrounds the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is your Commander’s personal opinion that the administration does not want Congress to address my two priority action points until after the November, 2010 election. The failure to address these vital issues legislatively is sufficient justification to vote all the currently office holders out of office ASAP.

Based upon my personal experience in contacting members of both the Senate and House I suggest you send them a personal letter or email them, because only a hard-copy of your position will get their attention. Telephone calls to them seem to be a waste of our time.

Act before it is too late.


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