Friday, July 30, 2010


It is your Commander’s opinion that the decision of the Federal Judge regarding the Arizona Immigration Bill will only acerbate the intensity of the debate for the average American citizen. Clearly all the polls indicate that a decisive majority of Americans want the Arizona Bill to become law. In my local newspaper its poll indicates 80% support for the Arizona position.

It is obvious to me that this federal judicial action supports the Administration’s ulterior motivations to attract the minority population vote in coming elections. The Democrat Party has clearly played the race card, causing class warfare tensions that can only lead to tragic, unintended consequences. Our Federal Judiciary’s activism now supports illegal immigration, which is forbidden by federal law.

This issue will not be solved or addressed anytime soon, but will only fester until the time that the eggheads in Washington secure both borders of the United States and move forward with an honest, non-political, comprehensive immigration legislative agenda.

The Editorial in The New York Times yesterday was shamefully biased, and sounded like a speech that I would expect to emanate from a liberal professor in one of those Ivy League halls of socialism. When will our government understand that the people of Arizona are scared and in danger as a result of its total neglect of a growing series of illegal immigration problems. This issue should not and cannot continue to wait until the November 2010 election.

Show me where it says in the United States Constitution that a State does not have to legal right and obligation to protect their citizens. Judge Susan Bolton sold out Arizonians with her politically biased decision, and I suspect the well known to be extremely liberal 9th Circuit will uphold her flawed action. How in clear conscious can Judge Bolton deny Arizona when the Federal Government has repeatedly failed to uphold existing immigration laws?

Trouble is brewing in the Arizona sun, and it will spread across the entire country just as the sun does every single day. Already local demonstrations are springing in many States with strong, emotionally charged lines being drawn by both sides. Passions are running high and it will only take one unfortunate incident to bring forth tragic results.

Obama, the Democrat Party, and the Justice Department will rue the day they opened this can of worms, and the only way the Democrat Party can win in November is if they stuff the ballot box, and that would not surprise me having lived in Chicago. Many believe that was done for Jack Kennedy, so why wouldn’t they do it for their boy Barack Obama?


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