Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I suggest that it is a rare occasion when a writer or blogger suggests that their precious readers take a peak at another author’s endeavors. Since your Commander’s site, FrobertsWorld.blogspot.com, is totally non-profit, but very therapeutic for me, why not recommend something that I feel is important, fresh, and emotionally rewarding?

If you take a few minutes and review Coffee Harbor I am certain that you will quickly place it on your favorite list. I have done so and find myself checking in frequently for a wonderful experience. The author of Coffee Harbor is an old friend from my years in the broadcasting business. At that time Coffee Harbor’s creator, Kim Carlson, was the General Manager/owner operator of a fine independent UHF television station in Rockford, Illinois.

Since those days, both Kim and your Commander have been very fortunate to pass into the delightfully privileged world of retirement, and Kim and his family spend their days between Colorado and Maine. As his profile indicates he is a Painter, but more importantly a gifted writer who has the ability to reminisce about the important side of life on this wondrous planet.

You can check into Coffee Harbor at:


You will be rewarded with a series of wonderfully written essays that are sure to give you a very warm glow about the important things in life. While your Commander tends to be a provocateur with a much harsher tone, Kim repeatedly delivers a softer, more insightful peak into all our lives. Coffee Harbor is time well spent, and an extremely rewarding experience. In the morning, pour a cup as you check your favorite sites.


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Awww...very nice comment. Thanks, Commander.