Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Back on April 3rd I wrote a commentary titled “FIGHTING – TIME FOR IT TO END”, but tragically nothing happened and now another poor soul has been killed in the name of sport. Several days ago I read a long article on the internet at the FANHOUSE site that reported the death of Michael Kirkham in a professional cage fight sanctioned by MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). This is another clear example of a senseless death that could have been prevented.

For years the sport of boxing and now MMA/UFC has endorsed violent behavior that can result in the death of desperate individuals trying to make a living by beating the hell out of each other. I recognize the fact that this savage business could not survive unless there was a great opportunity to generate huge amounts of money at the expense of the participating pawns.

Reading the Fanhouse article, it is clear that Kirkham was a troubled individual who by his own actions was in a desperate financial position with a court action requiring him to fulfill his legal parental support payments. Apparently Kirkham was unable to secure gainful employment beyond the use of his fists. All too often financial short-comings, lack of education, or criminal records are the trademarks of these so called fighters.

Why do federal, state and local governments permit this mayhem to continue? Who is really making the money off the backs of these desperate individuals? Just why states permit this threat of death to occur in the first place is beyond me. Now it will be up to you and me to pay for the welfare of his two children. I am in favor of helping out individuals and families for a while…providing a hand up, not a hand out.

Money is the root of this evil for certain. This 30 year old desperate man would have made the grand sum of $300 if he won his MMA bout. The organizer undoubtedly made considerably more. The fact that some of these fights are being televised also needs to be examined. Tragically there is a viewer thirst for blood shed. No doubt it will take a few more deaths before politicians step forward with their phony, righteous indignation. STOP BOXING AND MMA/UFC NOW, because it is not sport, just an opportunity for legalized murder to occur.


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