Thursday, July 1, 2010


The subject is why do we continue to watch or even recognize the antics of Lady Gaga? After you read what I have to say that might be a fair question to ask me.

The first time I saw her perform I could not believe my eyes, but I must admit that I was intrigued and wanted to see her act again. Obviously, the costumes were explosive and the act was most unusual, but in my opinion it did not have lasting interest and reminded me of a “one act pony.”

Recent actions by Lady Gaga suggest that she may be in need of serious medical attention after her antics at a recent New York Mets baseball game, and now another outlandish exhibition at the New York Yankee stadium. Extending one’s finger to the hand that feeds one is just plain troubling behavior. It is one thing to be an outrageous clown, but to be a crude clown is totally unacceptable. Lady Gaga is just plain crude and, I suspect, a little nuts. recently carried an interesting article, which suggested that she has gone too far with her act and her over the top public appearances. Even the readers suggested the same, because a poll of 82,239 page viewers reported that 94% felt her actions were disrespectful, and 71% of 75,411 respondents felt she needed to show some respect.

The real question your Commander asks of even himself is, “Why do we continue to even care what this nut-case does or says?” To give this wacko any attention or recognition says something is really wrong with our society. What has happened to our values? The next thing will be that Lady Gaga runs for Congress, and gets elected to join the other clowns who daily waste or steal our hard earned dollars. After viewing her act one time we should all totally ignore her, and then urge her to drift into obscurity.


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