Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Thanks to a lovely Father’s Day gift I received a copy of Glenn Beck’s bestseller, THE OVERTON WINDOW. As I have repeatedly reported in previous commentaries, I am not a big fan of Glenn Beck. His presentation style on his radio and television programs are a little too provocative for me, and having read this well-written book I am further suspicious of his true agenda.

No doubt there may be a serious flaw in my appraisal, because his programs are highly rated, his personal appearances are sold-out, and this book is way up on several bestseller lists. Personally, I prefer less strident voices such as Walter E. Williams or Charles Krauthammer when it comes to political analysis.

As far as the book is concerned, Beck has authored a well crafted story that holds the reader’s attention, but the story line keeps reminding me of the last time I viewed a Glenn Beck program. There is nothing in the story line that I have not heard when I used to watch or listen to his programs. The book is worth reading, and I will be interested to see if other readers have a similar experience. Beck is clearly a smart cookie, and his substantiation of theories is clearly first-rate.

There is no question that Beck has found a good gig that works for him, and more power to him for his accomplishments. He has a growing loyal following, but I wonder what he will do for his next act when there is no Barack Hussein Obama to kick around. That day will surely come, and I wonder if he has another pony in his stable or if he is simply a one-act pony.


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