Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Please take a quick look at and Kate Hicks’ recent report on the world’s charitable giving that lists the good old USA as the most charitable country in the world.

The data revealed in this report, based upon the Charities and Aid Foundation’s annual report on World Giving, totally destroys any foundation or creditability to the Occupy Wall Street movement that has metastasized across the world. Your Commander found it to be most revealing that none of the oil rich countries, and all but one of the Middle Eastern countries are absent from this list.

Personally I am sick and tired of many countries pointing their dirty fingers at America, and it is about time we totally reappraise our overly generous flow of foreign aid dollars, because most of those precious green-backs are not getting into the intended needy hands. Americans will always stand ready to help all in need with a just cause, but it is time to stop being a total sucker to fund corrupt governments. Someday the State Department will learn that money does not buy friends.


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