Sunday, December 18, 2011


When I read the most recent essay by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer in my local paper, I wondered if it had been penned by the Republican Party as a hit-piece against the re-election of President Barack Hussein Obama. Take a few minutes to read “The wages of appeasement” which appeared in newspapers all over the country this past week.

Obama’s two foreign policy initiatives toward Russia and Iran are in my opinion a justification to vote him out of office come November 2012. Clearly, the person elected as president then will have his/her hands full addressing the increasingly bold actions of these two very unfriendly adversaries.

The tragedy of our times is that most American citizens will not read Krauthammer’s column and if they did many would not understand what in the hell he is talking about, because our educational system and media have dumbed-down voters and diverted their attention to the adoration of the likes of Lady Gaga.


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