Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sometimes when I read a news story I just shake my head, because I cannot imagine why some devious and weird individuals continue to roam free to cause further trouble. You may remember I wrote as recently as November 20th celebrating the English Court’s decision to extradite Julian Assange to Sweden to face sex crime allegations. Please take a look at this article in The Washington Post article:

Assange, who founded and heads the liberal WikiLeaks organization, has been fighting his extradition back to Sweden since being accused of rape, coercion and molestation in August 2010. Since that time Assange has been taking refuge in a wealthy supporter’s English countryside estate.

Do you wonder as I do where Assange secures his funding? Who but some devious, subversive elements would pump vast sums of money into an organization like WikiLeaks and its leadership whose purpose is to disrupt world order?

Everyone should have an opportunity to a defense against legal action, but why would Assange fear and fight in the English Courts his return to Sweden if he is not-guilty as he has claimed? Hopefully, the British Supreme Court will act quickly and force Assange to face the criminal allegations sooner rather than later. With any luck this weirdo can then be placed where he can no longer cause disruption to governments around the world.


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