Wednesday, December 14, 2011


With all the facts and figures now available and well publicized. our gutless Congress has kicked the can down the road again when it comes to addressing a sound and logical decision to the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service. You may remember that your Commander has previously written expressing suggestions on this lingering financial disaster, but not surprisingly Congress found another way to appease the selfish pleas of a few illogical voters.

Take a look at article:

Every Congress member who voted to delay definitive action has caused every single taxpayer in this country to assume an additional financial burden by their inaction. How can the financial situation at the Postal Service be anything but worse next May than it is today?

Your Commander begs your forgiveness for his repetition, but our Congress is gutless, dysfunctional, and AWOL. When an entity is dysfunctional and losing money such as the Post Office, privatization is no longer a dirty word. Maybe that is what we should do with Congress too, because they are certainly dysfunctional, inept and adding to the debt that we taxpayers must ultimately repay.


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