Saturday, December 3, 2011


I may be old, but I was not around when our Founding Fathers toiled so brilliantly back in 1776 to establish the foundation of this great American adventure. But, certainly we can readily agree that they did their work on a sound basis that led this country to become the envy of the entire world. Admittedly there are detractors, but I believe most of those country’s motivations are really based upon jealousness and self-preservation of their questionable way of governing or dictating.

Once again I call upon all of us to look back at our history to better understand what has been successful and exactly where we have fallen short of our goals. Some modern-day forces tend to poo-poo the Founding Fathers as out of date, but I disagree with that premise. In the current edition of the American Patriot’s Almanac there is an excellent review of the Faith of the Founders. Here is a summarization of the seven truths about the founding of America:

1. The Founders believed that we are creatures of God, and that God endows us with our
inalienable rights.

2. The Bible was an indispensable source of inspiration for the Founders

3. The Founders believed that God created humans to be free.

4. The American concept of equality is deeply rooted in the Judaic tradition.

5. The Founders regarded religion as a pillar of American democracy.

6. The Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion in order to encourage faith.

7. The Founders believed that America plays a special role in God’s plan.

The real purpose is to get you to think about these seven foundational principles, and then question whether we have gotten into our current state because we failed to follow our Founding Father’s intensions and guidance.
I suggest that a good case can be made for that contention. What do you think?


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