Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Lately I have been forced to turn to the web pages of some conservative publications to secure information concerning significant issues of the day, because our mainstream media has become so liberal and biased they simply are not presenting ALL the news of the day. With that in mind, I spotted an article by Katie Pavlich on Townhall.com reporting the planned 17 day vacation our President and his family will be taking to Hawaii to celebrate the holidays.

With our economy teetering on the brink of collapse and unemployment still hovering at an unacceptable -8.6%, I question the appropriateness of this trip, and the at least $1 million dollar expense the American taxpayers must absorb. Granted, Obama will pay the cost to rent the beach front house they will stay in and reimburse the government the equivalent of regular airline tickets while flying on Air Force One.

In politics they say that perception is reality, thus I contend that the timing of this trip indicates to me that our President, or Commander in Chief as he frequently reminds us, just does not care what the American people think. This vacation is Obama’s 10th in his less than three years in office and shows his total disregard toward the multitude of suffering American people. His action is shameful, and represents his arrogant abuse of presidential power and privilege. Apparently the White House and Camp David is not sufficiently comfortable to suit his newly found elitist tastes.

While serving proudly in the United States Air Force I was taught that leaders lead from the front-lines, but during these days of political tension and economic strife our leader flies 4,831 miles to Hawaii at taxpayer expense away from the front lines of the battle zone in Washington. D.C. Your Commander finds this conduct shameful, inexcusable, and most inappropriate.


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