Monday, December 5, 2011


I know I get more conservative and out-right cantankerous on subjects as time goes by. An article at drew my attention, because during these times of economic strife, green energy, carbon footprints, and the growing debate surrounding the anticipated reductions in the Defense Department budget, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s excessive use of Military Aircraft is simply wrong.

Secretary Panetta flies every weekend to his home in California where his wife runs his Panetta Institute, since his government appointment requires that he recuse himself from that venture. He can and will return to that job once he leaves Washington again. Here is the link for your further perusal:

Your Commander finds it very troubling that Panetta and the Washington based government operatives think nothing of freely spending the taxpayer’s money just because they can get away with doing it. If Panetta and Congressional members want those jobs, they should not have the right to fly home on the taxpayer’s dime every weekend. How about flying the wife and family to Washington at your own expense when you can afford it and/or traveling to your home/district in the same manner.

This is the kind of crap the American taxpayer is getting really sick and tired of hearing. Our government servants expect they are due certain excesses because of their position. I do not agree and I am certain you support my position on this issue, too.

I suspect if we learned how much all the weekend DC travel costs, many of us would have a fatal stroke. This seems to be an excellent place to begin cutting excessive expenses.

A million here and there becomes a billion here and there, and we might come up with a trillion or two!


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