Sunday, December 4, 2011


Your Commander tips his hat to the Sports Department of the Chicago Tribune who scooped all the local media in South Bend in announcing the departure of Notre Dame Quarterback Dayne Crist to greener pastures. Here is the link to the Tribune’s article posted at 12:29 AM early this morning.

Brian Hamilton’s early morning posting provides suggestions where Crist may enroll to play football with his one remaining year of eligibility. I personally hope he has a successful year after a red shirt year, several injuries, and harsh treatment by petulant Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly. It is important to note that the ND players held Crist in high regard, while it is a pity that his coach placed his own agenda before the loyalty shown by an outstanding scholar athlete.

Being a resident of the Notre Dame area, I am shocked that the so-called “Dean of Local Sports,” WNDU-TV’s Jeff Jeffers, missed this story, but on the other hand I wasn’t surprised since the word apparently came while he was at home.

Thanks, Dayne Crist, for your dedication to your school and the sport of football and good luck for future success where ever your journey takes you in life.


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