Thursday, October 1, 2009


After experiencing a week filled with meetings of world leaders at the United Nations in New York City, immediately followed by the G-20 gathering in Pittsburg, the world continues to spin in chaos. Beyond the prominent news making meetings, our lives continue to be in a state of chaos with long pending major decisions unresolved on the War in Afghanistan, Health Care, Cap and Trade, growing budget deficits, and Card Check. One could easily be a candidate for a position on a psychiatrist’s couch.

Your Commander suggests that President Barack Obama’s daily activities are dictated by the extensively aggressive partisan influences of political advisor David Axelrod and ballet trained Sarah Lawrence College graduate, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Together they purposefully promote the state of chaos as a carefully crafted plan to push the President’s hidden agenda quickly forward. It is my opinion that this well publicized effort to take advantage of chaos is most destructive to the long-term interests of both the country and the electorate. These operatives want their opposition to be kept off-balance, with a minimum of disclosed specific information.

First of all, most of the press releases from the G-20 in Pittsburg were the result of decisions reached behind closed doors days and even weeks before the actual United Nations meetings. When the leaders of the member nations met for only two brief days there was insufficient time to thrash out those pronouncements, so the bulk of the work was done by staff members and the meeting was only window dressing. I believe Obama gave up some important sovereign interests when he agreed to join European governments in setting far-reaching economic policies.

Most insulting was the fact that this group of bozos had the gall to tell the world to conserve and clean up the planet, then they flew 185 big jet airplanes around the world polluting the skies to have a bogus meeting so they can posture to us lesser beings. Apparently policies that are good for us do not apply to them.

Shamefully, the United Nations was totally embarrassed by the rude speeches of Libya’s Col. Moammar Khadafy, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. What a pathetic waste of both time and our money the United Nations has become. Tragically, the United Nations has evolved into a costly, corrupt house of hypocrites and opportunists. Our President Obama continued his “World Apology Tour” at this session with further utterances that diminished our standing in the world. Obama is not sorry…he is manipulative.

As the war of words continues on the mutually agreed much needed Health Care Bill, where is our President? After appearing on every Sunday Morning News program, except Fox, he is planning another trip on Air Force One, this time to Copenhagen to pitch for the selection of Chicago as the site for the Olympics in 2016. Is that an effective or appropriate use of his time? I think not. Here we go again as the American taxpayer is paying for Air Force One travel to pay-off a political debt for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s support. Obama has many more important fish to fry than promote Chicago’s Olympic bid.

As the administration tries to skirt the ACORN scandal, Rome is burning. Axelrod and Emanuel are continuing to paint the opposition to the Health Care Bill as un-American and a mob, but they ignore the fact that the electorate is lacking honest information, because the specific facts of the various House and Senate Bills are not being disclosed. The administration promised full disclosure of all legislation and without earmarks, but it has not and is not happening, so the uproar by the people are more than justified.

Obama is pushing an agenda that the rank and file of the country is obviously concerned about, and the loud opposition is an appropriate First Amendment right and reaction. For a man who claims to have been a Constitutional Lecturer, Obama repeatedly ignores or chooses to forget the contents of our precious Constitution when it is to his advantage or convenience. This administration is making a huge mistake in playing the race card too, because this country has long ago moved beyond that except for a very small minority of the population. Obama and his supporters also totally ignore racism within the black community.

It is time to slow down, as I have repeatedly urged in the past, and resolve one issue at a time. The potential impacts of pending legislation beyond Health Care are far too important to sneak into passage. Cap and Trade, and the Card Check have huge consequences that the American pubic does not want or support, but the administration is trying to get their political obligations paid off before the election in 2010.

We are in for a very rough ride with significant turmoil in the months ahead. In the meantime our administration is stalling from making vital decisions on the War in Afghanistan, on North Korea, Iraq, and Iran. One veteran CIA retiree recently said that Obama was demonstrating youthful adolescence in Foreign Affairs. Obama just might get his way on health care, but if he loses the War in Afghanistan his political career will be marked with blemishes in history books for generations to come. Currently our President is giving more support to ACORN than he is giving to our Troops in the distant lands.

Keeping the American voters off balance and in a state of chaos will work only so long. An old expression is most appropriate Mr. President…"You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." Your olive branch soaked talk does not cut it, Mr. President…Action supported by the electorate does.


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Ensign EP said...

Most people I know didn't want the olympics coming to Chicago. All the hype about the President helping with the bid - and they chose Rio instead. I heard on the news today that $28 million was spent on Chicago's bid for the olympics. Such a waste!