Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Two recent events bring me to question if some of the citizens of our country have totally lost their minds and moral codes. Not much surprises me anymore, because each day something more bizarre comes to my attention.

Unless you are residing in a dark cave without electricity you must have heard of film producer Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland on a 30 some year old California warrant following his fleeing his conviction of raping a 13 year old girl, and facing a long prison sentence.

Additionally, the airwaves are flush with titillating stories of David Letterman’s announcement that he had sex with some of his employees and the arrest of a CBS employee for extortion. Letterman’s audience laughed and applauded his jokes about his actions, and the ratings for his program have surged since his mea culpa.

I ask the question…Are we losing our minds in making a big deal out of these revelations? Shouldn’t Polanski be in jail for his atrocious behavior, and shouldn’t we be looking with disfavor upon Letterman’s conduct? I suggest that the American populous has totally lost its moral compass when anyone supports such atrocious behavior.

I suggest that Polanski should be placed in that dark cave without electricity, and that Letterman is an opportunist who is seeking publicity to enhance his program’s ratings by making jokes about his indiscretions. Shame is the appropriate reaction to the misguided simpletons who support these two appalling individuals.


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