Friday, October 2, 2009


This morning I had a very pleasant experience that brought tears to my old eyes. When my door bell rang this morning I found our mailman standing there with a small package, and he asked me to sign for its receipt.

Immediately, I recognized the package as medicine from the Veterans Administration and this particular prescription requires a signed receipt. I told the young mailman that it was my medicine from the VA and I thanked him for bringing the rest of our mail to the door with it.

Much to my surprise the mailman put out his hand and said “Thanks for your service to our country.” Wow! I have been home from Korea 55 years and that is the very first time anyone ever said that to me. Please do not get me wrong. I have never expected, nor have I looked for anyone to say that to me. Those very kind words were so surprising to me that I immediately became quite emotional and tears gathered in my eyes.

After all these years, I continue to be most proud of the years I volunteered to served in the regular United States Air Force, and I would do it all over again if I had the chance. I’ll tell you my postman’s words made me feel so good that I intend to repeat them whenever I get a chance to thank a veteran for service to our country. I am certain when I do the words will provide a similar reaction to the recipient.


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