Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Our newspapers and news broadcasts are trumpeting the falling polls reflecting flagging support for President Barack Obama’s agenda. After only nine short months the bottom has fallen out of Obama’s approval ratings and there must be a reason.

Basically the same major issues confront the United States of America as did in November 2008 when our national election took place. At that time the electorate voted in favor of the pronouncements of Barack Obama vs. those of John McCain. The margin of victory was decisive, but not an overwhelming mandate. However, victory is victory and that is what counts in our democracy.

Now only nine months later we are confronted with essentially the same problems, i.e., the recession, continuing job losses, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, but the polls indicate that the voters are no longer exhibiting the same euphoria for Barack Obama. The answer is quite simple, in my opinion. The actions of this new administration and the pronouncements of Barack Obama are significantly different from those rendered on the campaign trail, and the taxpayers are confused, frustrated, and disappointed. No one likes to have been made a fool or taken advantage of in the decision process. Apparently, we were.

For instance, where is the promised TRANSPARENCY? Remember being promised that bills before Congress would be posted on the internet for 30 days prior to vote so the American public could provide input? Did that happen with the Stimulus Bill? No. A draft of one of the proposed health care bills was posted, but Congress has said they won’t do that again because of the public outcry that ensued. You can bet now that earmarks are being added to versions of the bills; the American public will not be able to read them and comment on them. And, for that matter, Congress and President Obama will probably not take the time to read them either.

Words and deeds do matter. Honesty means a great deal to the masses and what we are getting is substantially different from what we were promised. While our President still has a strong base of support he has growing discontent that has every indication similar to a snow ball rolling down the hill.

In earlier commentaries I have expressed my deep concern about Obama’s constant reference to “I, me, my” in his speeches. Wouldn’t it be better to say “us, we or together?” Even in his recent United Nations pronouncement he took the position that only HE knew what was good for the world, and everyone should fall in lock-step behind him. It is one thing to be confident, but another to be arrogant. Our President was elected, and not crowned by his subjects.

Hopefully, Obama will recognize that the advisors who helped him get elected are not doing him any favors with their strong-arm tactics. For the benefit of our country I for one hope he changes his course of action, because before too long it will be necessary to call the moving vans to Pennsylvania Avenue if things don’t improve substantially. The bully wins in the short term, but tends to have a short reign. Americans will not permit anyone to destroy the foundation of the American Way of Life, not even our President. We fought many battles to achieve what we have and we will fight to preserve the acknowledged greatest country in the world. Obama promised HOPE and CHANGE, and he gave us thus far corrupt old style Chicago bully-boy politics.



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