Saturday, October 3, 2009


Tragically, the use of the word RACE is similar to the explosion of an atomic bomb in civilized discussion today. Recently ex-President Jimmy Carter suggested that President Obama’s sagging poll numbers and the Tea Party crowd are the result of racism. Like Vice-President Joe Biden, our former President Carter has gone over the edge again, but we are finally getting used to his absurd utterances. It makes one wonder.

While scanning my email today I came across an article by George Mason University Economics Professor Dr. Walter E. Williams, who I happen to highly respect. Williams has a very articulate article addressing the subject of race that I found to be one of the most reasoned explanations of the current status of that emotionally charged subject that I have read to date. Let me suggest that you take a few minutes and read it at:

While you’re at it you may be interested to read Williams biography too, because it is quite impressive.

In my opinion Williams is one of the top minds in the field of economics, and a true leader expounding a clear, articulate, thought process on many subjects.


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