Saturday, October 3, 2009


I know that some of my readers think I tend to be like a dog with a bone when I continue to expound on some given subjects, especially political matters. I make no apologies, because I know that accusation is true.

Whenever a discussion surrounds President Barack Obama it is frequently appropriate and necessary to include his two most influential and closest consultants, advisors, policy wonks, hatchet men or what ever you want to call them. Obviously I am referring to Senior Presidential Advisor David M. Axelrod, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Although neither men were elected to their present offices, they are unquestionably two of the most influential and powerful men in the United States and the world today. Thus, I believe we should know as much as we can about who they are, and their record.

I took the time to investigate some interesting background regarding both men, and, to say the least, I found it to be most revealing and extremely interesting. Let me suggest that you, too, take a few minutes from your valuable day to review the contents of the wikipedia reports on these influential political operatives.

Obviously each of you will draw your own conclusions based upon your political persuasions etc, but I am certain that you will agree that we have two very experienced political insiders who have over a relatively short period of time become extremely wealthy in their own right as part of the Chicago Political Machine. Their financial riches obviously have come from taxpayer or political contribution funds…other peoples’ money. I will leave it to you if you believe they earned their wealth ethically. It goes without saying that many of the individuals directly connected with each man are people with checkered reputations, and credentials.

Their ties to the Jewish State of Israel to me present a difficult path for effective honest negotiations in the settling of the emotional Israel/Palestine issue. Throughout, the resumes of each are troubling to me, because here are two individuals who are calling the shots and advising our President in an effort to improve our current problems, and to me they individually and collectively are from the ilk that created many of the economic problems confronting us all today.

Again, draw your own conclusions, but I for one am gravely concerned because I smell smoke and where there is smoke there is fire. I will not even lower myself to address the stench surrounding this holier than thou attitude exuding from the White House when the players have already been plodding through the slime. I fear that it is too kind to suggest these cats are just opportunists, manipulators, hatchet men, smear propagators or gentle misunderstood servants of the people. Once one’s hands are dirty it is extremely difficult to ever really clean them before anyone’s objective honest eyes.

I bet you get the idea that I do not trust these individuals and I certainly do not believe they are operating in the best interest of all the American people. They only answer to one man, and they have agendas that serve themselves before they serve you and me.


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