Saturday, October 3, 2009


As another summer came to a close and the month of September ended, two very important historical events were recognized. Both were very different in their implications for the future, but their significance must never be forgotten.

As our President continues to apologize for the ill behaviors of the United States, we all must remember an important event where our country stood up to the forces of tyranny and evil. September 30lth marked the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

On that date back in 1949 we completed a fifteen month successful response to overcome the Soviet Union’s blockade of West Berlin. American and British airmen flew 277,000 dangerous missions into besieged Berlin supplying essential life supporting supplies at the cost of 100 brave airmen who flew in all kinds of weather day and night. At the height of the blockade planes landed every four minutes, and in the end they delivered 2.3 million tons of vitally needed supplies.

As has been the case on so many occasions, American’s stepped forward to assure freedom, in this instance to the encircled Berliner’s. Today few remember that stellar action and our response to what was right for the betterment of mankind. Regretfully, I bet that if I were to ask the first ten young people I met on the street what the Berlin Airlift was, most, if not all, would not know or might think it was the name of a rock band.

Buried deep into the pages of USA Today (9/30/09) was a story dateline Kiev, Ukraine. Some 68 years ago, one of the most horrific massacres of World War ll took place along a ravine near Babi Yar when the Nazi occupation Army rounded up 33,771 Jews and executed them over a two day period. The details of this horrific atrocity must never be forgotten, and it only heightens the arrogance and stupidity of the likes of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmaddinejad when he claims that the Holocaust never occurred.

A full knowledge of history is essential for mankind to avoid the mistakes and evil deeds of the past or they are bound to be replicated. Collectively we must stand firmly in lock-step with our Constitution and Bill of Rights for the continued protection of not only our precious country, but all human life on our magnificent planet.


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