Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is not a hats-off to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, but a salute to an important program being conducted at the University. While watching the Notre Dame/Boston College football game telecast October 24th during one of the excessive commercial breaks that I also believe disrupts the flow of the game, there was a very interesting promotional commercial for Notre Dame. It was the latest installment in the University promotion, “What Would You Fight For?”

What caught my eye were the details of “Fighting for Ethical Leadership,” which is a relatively new course being offered by the University’s Mendoza College of Business. This program is a major component of the Executive MBA, and also an open enrollment program that offers high-level business leaders an intensive week of personal and professional development.

As our country traverses a historically difficult economic journey, I applaud the University for its foresight in addressing the necessity of ethics being emphasized toward our current and future business leadership. It is my opinion that lack of ethical behavior is one of the significant causes of our current economic malaise. Both Dean Carolyn Y. Woo and Director Leo Burke of Notre Dame deserve our support and salutation for steering this important educational component. Hopefully, many other institutions of higher learning will or are establishing a similar course into their curriculum.


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