Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It makes little matter where you live if you have access to the columns and Washington Post Op-Ed pieces written by erudite Charles Krauthammer. I highly recommend that you read his material, because in my opinion he is one of the brighter bulbs separating fact from fiction on the numerous complex issues of the day.

Fortunately my local newspaper carries Krauthammer’s Washington Post articles and you can have access to them using the Washington Post website no matter where you reside. His recent piece titled, “Obama foreign policy not rooted in reality” hit the nail on the head and highlighted French President Nicolas Sarkosy’s stinging comment, “President Obama, I support the Americans’ outstretched hand. But what did the international community gain from those offers of dialogue? Nothing.”

It makes little difference which side of the political spectrum you’re in you can find comfort within Krauthammer words that enrich all who seek a clear understanding of the substantial issues of the day. I find that he takes on all sides with equal clarity and objectivity.

In these days of “hair on fire” rhetoric, it is quite refreshing to find a source of thoughtful dialog. Accepting the fact that the Commander can be harsh in his writing I find that he increasingly finds himself having difficulty consuming the sharp tones of the far left or right. History has proven that the middle ground has been the root of the greatest long-lasting achievements.


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