Sunday, June 26, 2011


Fracking is a modern method of extracting oil and gas from shale well below the earth’s surface. With the price of gasoline continuing to be a major issue during the current economic downturn, I urge you to read a very important article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal that addresses “The real risks of the shale gas revolution, and how to manage them.”

This opinion piece by the Wall Street Journal provides a much clearer picture of the energy policy discussion, and it (in my opinion) answers many questions that have been major points presented by environmentalists who are trying to prevent the expansion of our domestic energy resources. It is your Commander’s position that we must dramatically expand local energy production to create jobs and eliminate our major dependence on foreign sources of oil and natural gas.

Charity begins at home, and it is time to get the true facts before the American public. The politicians have prevented job creation and the development of our domestic resources because they are being bought-off by the big dollars being contributed to their re-election campaigns by the environmentalist’s political action committees.


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