Sunday, June 12, 2011


As a proud veteran of service in the Regular United States Air Force, I have long believed in our country maintaining a strong defense posture. There are many influences around the world that oppose our great country and they are a distinct threat to the American way of life. Having stated that position, I also firmly believe that we cannot continue to be the peace-keepers or nation builders of the world. We simply do not have sufficient funds to address every evil that exists in the world and many of our supposed friends continue to fail to carry their fair share of the burden to resolve various transgressions around the globe.

Taking all that into consideration permit me to urge you read Steve Chapman’s articulate article from a recent edition of the Chicago Tribune.,0,4274858,print.column

Chapman makes many cogent points, and paints an alarming picture of our commitments and obligations for many years to come. It is obvious to wonder just how we are going to pay for all these wars and good deeds.

Your Commander stays awake at night wondering how our leadership, and especially our Congress, can continue to kick the can down the road in addressing the immediate need to cut spending, reduce our expenditures in the areas of defense, energy, welfare, medical costs, and the fraud and corruption that permeates our government. For our Congress and President to go off on frequent vacations when the country is spiraling into bankruptcy is incomprehensible, and just represents their arrogance and complicity in the problem.


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