Monday, June 13, 2011


Permit your Commander to draw your attention to a wonderful article that appeared recently on the conservative website by Emmett Tyrrell. I have expressed my personal opinion relative to the recent sick revelations concerning the conduct of Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY), and I clearly urged his expulsion from the Halls of Congress without one single dime of taxpayer supported pension and/or any benefits.

I believe it is important to consider the facts presented by Tyrrell, because it addresses a wider problem confronting our leadership and governance. Here is a link to that article.

There have always been disturbed individuals reaching positions on high throughout history, but recently, with the development of electronic devices permitting the wide dissemination of information, there appears to be more and more perverse activity. Why has our country stooped to accept these divisive individuals who obviously require medical intervention to continue in roles that surround them with adulation and outlandish financial gain?

The Bill Clinton Syndrome does not deserve respect and praise, and those afflicted with this disease must be isolated before they do further harm to our country. Your Commander sees little or no difference between Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Bernie Madoff or heinous criminals for that matter. How can we respect and honor individuals who have not only broken all the moral codes of decency and initially lie to the public while having taken an oath to serve the greater good?

Where in the hell have the moral values of this country gone? To praise and respect the likes of Clinton, Weiner, etc. is to stoop to their level, and the result is ultimately going to lead to the destruction of our great country. History shows what the loss of moral values did to Rome.


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