Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Attached you will find a copy of a posting I found on AOL from their alliance with the Huffington Post. The headline is “46 Percent of Americans Exempt From Federal Income Tax in 2011”.

That in itself would be good reason and the principal cause of the current financial crisis facing this country; however government over spending is the culprit right now. How can we possibly meet our massive financial obligations when roughly one-half of the citizens of this great country contribute virtually nothing to the financial stability of The United States of America?

Draw your own conclusion:

In a previous essay your Commander suggested that every single American contribute to the operation of our country even if it is only $10.00 per person per year. We desperately need tax reform and just maybe a consumption tax or a flat tax is the appropriate answer. Our current tax code is politically fixed to favor both the rich and the poor and it is not fair to all. More importantly, the current system is not working, because we are on the brink of bankruptcy.


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