Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As a former citizen of Chicago who has many friends and family members residing there, I frequently check into the Chicago newspaper websites. I continue to be interested in the fast moving and eventful activities that take place on the Chicago political scene.

It is for these reasons I enjoy the gossip column that Michael Sneed writes for the Chicago Sun-Times. Over the years she has been a sympathetic supporter of Chicago’s ever-strong Democrat Party machine. Recently, however, I have noted that Sneed and a growing number of journalists, are starting to ask questions about the Obama’s that just never were broached in the past. As an example, here is a portion of a recent Sneed column.

The Obama visit…

The big question? Who paid for the unheralded, private two-day trip to Chicago at the end of the month by first lady, Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia?

Answer? “The first lady travel by military jet. On the other questions we do not provide personal information about the first family,” said Hannah August, Mrs. Obama’s press secretary.

A snippet of Sneed’s original question. “Did Mrs. Obama get a chance to do anything besides see her friend’s son off to prom, and most importantly, who paid for the trip? Did the Obama’s pay for the trip to Chicago, or did they arrive by private jet owned by a friend?”

So Sneed e-mailed back again asking who paid for the trip!

Here’s the response: “Because this was a personal trip, the Obama’s reimbursed the government for the cost of a commercial flight.”

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Who knew Michelle and the girls were in Chicago for two days? Did they stay at their million dollar home and have security bother their neighbors, or at a swanky hotel? Washington doesn’t keep many secrets, but I don’t recall seeing anything of this visit in the news.

Now, please tell me if you really believe that someone in the Obama family or even on their bloated staff actually wrote a personal check for commercial airline tickets? Who audits that activity?

Even if the Obama’s paid the bill for commercial air fare, can you imagine how much that trip actually cost American taxpayers when staff, Secret Service, limos, local police expenses, etc. are added? Who in the hell is kidding who? I suspect that politicians really think we are that stupid.

Remember the Barack and Michelle trip to New York City for date night shortly after he was sworn in? Nobody ever paid for my date nights, and we American taxpayers should not be expected to pay for theirs either. Rank has its privileges, but enough is enough when any sane individual considers the economic times facing this country.


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