Saturday, June 11, 2011


With the impending retirement of long-serving Defense Secretary Robert Gates, he has been on an around-the-world tour visiting our troops and allies prior to his official retirement later this month. Every single American and supporter of this country should stand and salute Gates for a job well done.

Newspapers and newscasts around the world have been filled with articles and reports of Gates’ journey, but it was his address before NATO officials in Brussels, Belgium that drew the most attention and comment. Gates was blunt in telling NATO allies that it was time for them to step forward and carry their fair share of the fighting and financial burden in missions endorsed by NATO.

I have read a number of important articles in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, the National Public Radio website, and The South Bend Tribune all with similar opinions, but I suggest you read Jay Bookman’s blog, which is short and to the point. America is just plain sick and tired of carrying a disproportionate share of the fighting and expense obligations.

It is your Commander’s personal opinion that it is far past the time that America stands up to our European Allies who talk a good game, but when it comes to delivering their youth to the fight and their dollars of support, they fade into the sunset. America needs more public servants such as Gates who tells it like it is, and does not sugar-coat our position in diplomatic double-talk or supports the pro-George Soros/Barack Obama one-world policies and socialist theories. The average American does not support Obama's liberal positions, but over-whelming agrees with at least center or center to right policies as a more conservative stance in world affairs.

As long as President Obama and his Soros sympathizers hold rule in the White House, there is little or no chance that his administration will address the waste, fraud and corruption that runs rampant in our foreign aid policies. We simply do not have the money, and the man-on-the-street does not support America carrying the financial load for the entire world.

America is losing a true brave patriot with Bob Gates stepping down. He deserves to enjoy retirement, but he will be a huge loss to the American people who believe and support this country by the principals of our Founding Fathers. Thank you, Bob Gates, for a job well done, may God provide you with many years to enjoy a richly deserved retirement.


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