Tuesday, February 1, 2011


With our country struggling to find a way out of the current economic downturn, staggering debt, fighting two expensive wars and now new potential conflicts in the Middle East it is your Commander’s suggestion that this is a time calling for thoughtful contemplation of these issues.

While Egypt and other regional governments are in the midst of political revolution, the entire Middle East is about to bring new and alarming problems for a peaceful resolution to the Israel/Palestine relationship and the viability of the Suez Canal as a transit point for vital oil products and other commerce. This is certainly an important time for everyone to proceed with great patience and reason.

In recent days I came across two thoughtful comments that I suggest are most appropriate to consider, especially at this time in our history. Unfortunately I cannot properly attribute them:

Address the argument and not the emotion.

Every generation must answer to the next.

If the power brokers and governments around the world consider these two very perceptive pronouncements we just may find a way to resolve the tensions in a way that prevents further bloodshed, and establish a path to work peacefully out of the dilemmas.

Now realistically speaking, your Commander has deep concern about avoiding armed conflict between Israel and the forces within the Islamic world. In addition, I have grave reservations regarding the long-term viability of the Trans-Egyptian oil pipeline, and the Suez Canal as a transit point for our short-term energy needs.

Just considering those two explosive topics our government must be extremely cautious to avoid involvement in another armed conflict in the Middle East, and we must act immediately to establish our energy independence by opening extensive oil production within the confines of the United States. The American economy cannot afford another military conflict at this time, and the closing of the Suez Canal would result in massive increases in the price of gasoline and oil at the local pumps causing massive disruption to our precarious economic situation.

I believe that if our leadership were to announce immediate plans to expand domestic oil production it would send a strong signal to the strident voices in the Middle East to give pause in their actions, because the flow of American dollars that they depend upon would be coming to a sudden stop.

Without the vitally needed American dollars, the forces of evil in the Middle East will be forced to act with reason and not emotion. We have the power to exert, and we better do just that before we are forced to do it on the terms of our unfriendly friends. We owe this action to our current and future generations and the preservation of our country.


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