Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Your Commander has previously written about my opposition to High-Speed Rail proposals from the Obama Administration, but I recently ran across a compelling article in the Washington Post (“High-speed rail is a fast track to government waste”) that puts the entire issue into the clear light of day. In essence the author, Robert J. Samuelson, closes the door on this massive government waste proposal when he states “Even if ridership increased fifteenfold over Amtrak levels, the effects on congestion, national fuel consumption and emissions would still be trivial.”

Take a couple of minutes to read Samuelson’s opinion piece in the Washington Post at this link:


Fortunately we have journalists such as Samuelson who dig for the facts to permit us taxpayers to see through the smoke screens presented by this Administration in the name of “Green Job-Creation.” Hopefully, someone in the Halls of Congress will see to it that our precious dollars are not appropriated for this wasteful boondoggle that kisses the backsides of the Union supporters of the current occupant of the White House. WASTE IS WASTE!


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