Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The main stream media reports that we are coming out of the downturn in our national economy, but let me warn you that THE WORST IS YET TO COME, which is part of the title of an alarming article from the pages of the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune’s report actually specifies the root cause of the problem in Illinois, but I believe it is an issue of such massive proportions that it will impact every State in the country.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Tribune analysis at:


If that does not alarm you, just consider the fact that several States have problems worse than Illinois, such as California and New York. Thanks to years and years of politicians passing the buck along to future generations the chickens are now coming home to roost, because there is no longer any room to avoid the obvious result of bankruptcy.

The Chicago Tribune in another article outlines the massive abuse of the pension programs taking place with School Superintendents per this link:


It this story does not make you sick and disgusted nothing will.

Just how much can politicians tax the man on the street? They have reached the absolute limit, and now they must cut pensions and welfare obligations long promised because there is no alternative. It is not going to be nice and it will cause great financial distress to millions, but there is simply no alternative.

The same under-funding problems exist with Medicare and Social Security. You can thank your government officials for these problems. Thank Congress for borrowing unbelievable amounts of money from the Social Security Trust Fund, and never paying off one of their numerous IOUs. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) had the gall to tell the American television audience January 23rd that Social Security was solvent for 40 years, but he is simply a damn fabricator.

If hard decisions, like those made in New Jersey by their new Governor Chris Christie, are not made and made quickly there will be another massive nationwide economic collapse that will make the recent crisis look like a walk in the park. This time it will hurt everyone, and it could cause economic chaos.

Considering these facts President Obama did all Americans a massive dis-service in his State of the Union address when he failed to honestly address the severity of our economic condition. He did that, because he is indebted and obligated to his union supporters and the welfare entitlement crowd for their votes. Shockingly, the Washington Post carried a scathing article after the State of the Union address calling Obama’s speech drearily familiar.

Economist Walter E. Williams in a recent article contends that we cannot and will not solve our economic shortfalls until the body of the American public accepts the fact that they too must absorb cuts, because they are actually supporting politicians against taking vital corrective action. He has an interesting point that I am afraid is accurate. Responsibility always begins at home, and we Americans are clearly spoiled.

It is far past the time for all political leaders to talk turkey, and act responsibly. Secure our borders, lower taxes, create jobs, cut spending, eliminate the pork, cancel the perks, and attack the incredible waste immediately. Start doing all of these things now, and not down the road when it will be too late. America needs HONEST leadership.


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