Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Recently a good friend sent an email containing a wonderful article penned by highly regarded Orlando Sentinel, Florida columnist, Charley Reese, who wrote a daily column for the paper for thirty years and retired in 2008. In 1980 Reese first penned “545 People”, which he re-wrote, and up-dated over the years.

I found this article so interesting that I started checking for attribution and found several references to Reese’s article on Google and tracked a supportive attribution on Scopes.Com. Several versions of the original appeared, but the link I most enjoyed appears below:


Let me draw your attention to the comments too, because I think they are entertaining and insightful. Reese really isolated the responsibility of our leadership, and I found the listing of taxation to be more than interesting when the long listing is studied.

Authors with the skills apparent in this column are rare and most appreciated. Words written 31 years ago have stood the test of time.


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