Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As continuing uncertainty continues to simmer in the Middle East there are a series of growing issues there that impact the economy of American citizens directly. Today, let’s look at just two of the many issues.

Please take a look at a very interesting article at Time.com “Why Biofuels Help Push Up World Food Prices” at this link:


From the article it is apparent that the continued diversion of 40% of the American corn crop is devastating to the world food prices. America is currently the victim of a government promoted product development that has proven to be totally inefficient on a cost/benefit analysis and nothing is being done to reverse the cost increases.

Next, take a look at a DailyFinance.com article “Is Oil Output Peaking or Not? Either Way, Cheap Oil Is Gone for Good” at this link.


Here we go again with a situation that has an alternative that could and would reduce the price of oil that would immediately and favorably impact the consumer, but little or no action is being taken by our government. We can increase domestic oil production, create jobs and reduce debt immediately and nothing is being done.

These are two of several significant economic issues confronting American taxpayers and our economy, while our Congressional representatives and the current Administration are doing absolutely nothing to correct the obvious errors in previous actions. Do you ever ask yourself why does this happen?

More importantly, are you personally doing anything to demand that immediate action is initiated to stop this waste and negative impact to our and the entire world’s economy? There are obvious logical solutions to these two devastating economic problems emanating from the Middle East.

If we collectively put some direct pressure on our elected representatives something will be accomplished. Consider what would happen if Congress actually worked five days per week instead of only two-and-a-half to three. Think of the improved efficiency that would occur, and the millions that would be saved by them staying in Washington to address their responsibilities to serve their constituents. Again, ask yourself why.


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