Saturday, February 12, 2011


As the crowds disperse in the principal cities of Egypt, today there remains much misinformation and uncertainty as to the future political situation impacting 80 million Egyptians. Calls by many demonstrators, and several reporters in the crowds that said “EGYPT IS FREE” were nothing more than emotional utterances, because the only real thing they accomplished was that now former President Hosni Mubarak departed Cairo and his leadership position.

It remains to be seen what precise form of government will prevail in Egypt, but to say that the people of this country are “free” is nothing more than an emotional reaction to Mubarak’s departure. It is foolish to really believe that the demonstrating crowds were the cause of Mubarak’s decision. The truth of the matter is that we have experienced a non-violent coup d’e tat by the influential ruling military. Mubarak was nothing but the figure-head president of the ruling military establishment.

Like millions around the world I watched endless hours of attention-getting television coverage showing the crowds demonstrating in several Egyptian cities and other Middle East capitols. The crowds represented people long abused and deprived of fair governance who have suffered for decades due to massive unemployment and excessive food costs. They represent a growing number of people who live under oppressive leadership within societies ruled by small, elite inner-circles.

In the case of Egypt it is clear that the country has moved to another form of governance with the Army in control. Only time will tell if the people who demonstrated truly achieve a strong voice and real democracy or will the military give them just enough freedom to keep them under their thumb.

Believe me, this morning there are heads of state throughout the Middle East meeting with fellow members of their inner circle making certain their leadership is not compromised by the actions of a small percentage of their total nation’s population as was the case in Egypt. Cairo has a population of approx. 18 million and the country is home to about 80 million.

Don’t kid yourself into believing that Egypt’s uprising was simply an action of the people. I believe it was carefully crafted by shadow forces that are working across the Middle East to cause unrest and the establishment of Islamic rule.

Your Commander finds it extremely interesting to note just how little American journalists actually knew about the background of the demonstrations. Most were just babbling, surmising, and filling time with a narrow portrait of those surrounding them in the streets.

Major television networks and print news organizations should have learned a good lesson to not fly their stars into situations like this (think ABC’s anchor Bob Woodruff’s injury in Iraq). The next time they may just end up with someone dead. I am sure you noticed that when the crowd got rough the big television news anchors ran for their private jets to get out of harms way. The network news presidents were wrong to send them into such a flammable place. If you listened closely to most of the reporters actual words, they had very few solid details and simply described video with little or no reliable sources to support what they were saying.

Down the road we will learn if the Islamic movement takes a significant role in Egypt’s future government. Personally I believe the strong Egyptian military will keep a firm grip on the situation. Historians may reveal the true role that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates quietly played behind the scenes in this historical event.

Egyptian’s are not “free” this morning, but they have moved forward by getting Mubarak off his corrupt throne. It is believed he has stashed away BILLIONS of dollars meant for the country. The military establishment’s action has prevented further bloodshed, but more importantly secured their dominant leadership role.

What comes next is almost anyone’s guess, but I warn you to carefully watch the actions of the Islamic Brotherhood, because they are stirring the pot more aggressively each and everyday around the Arab world and the rest of the planet.


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