Monday, February 21, 2011


It is a pleasure to report that I highly recommend Alex Berenson’s THE SILENT MAN for your action/adventure reading pleasure. Having just finished reading the book, the second one on my new Kindle, I have found a new way of experiencing the joy of reading.

Berenson is an award winning author who has reported for the New York Times and currently has another book THE SILENT SOLDIER on the New York Times bestseller list. His research is outstanding and he weaves a highly authentic story. Hero John Wells chases the bad guys, who are from the Middle East and intent on destroying everything that is American.

Once you start reading THE SILENT MAN I am certain you will be both sold and stuck as a Berenson fan for life. I personally cannot wait to download his new book into my Kindle. He has also written two previous books, THE FAITHFUL SPY (won the 2007 Edgar Award for best first novel) and THE GHOST WAR, which I likewise will be reading and reviewing for you.

Berenson gets 5 Stars from his newest fan.


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